Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's been a rainy, overcast and I haven't accomplished much of anything. I kinda gave my permission to just take the day off. Lis and I did go for a good walk today, we walked to the grocery store and got stuff to make hummus with. Even though it is rainy and overcast it is still 60 degrees outside. Lisa is working tonite and I am just sitting here listening to the Tennessee Lady Vols basketball game on the computer. The house is so quiet. I am sitting in the living room, I am trying to get out of the habit of basically living in my bedroom. I have moved my laptop out and leave it in the living room rather than the bedroom. I remember when I was a kid my mom used to say if I had a bathroom and food in my bedroom I would probably never come out. I was feeling a need for some comfort food tonite so Murphy and I shared a package of mutton.

I got a job offer from LA County, Santa Clarita station, this week. I accepted the offer. They still have to do a background check on me and it will probably take about 3 months to complete. That is pretty standard I think. I kinda wanted to work at Simi Valley, and I will still test with them tomorrow, but I have trusted the process with this move so far and I will continue to do so. I worry alot about my voice holding out. I know I need to take this time to really work with it, read out loud, meditate every day. When I did my oral interviews my voice was so good. When I talk to just Murphy it is so good. Makes me crazy trying to figure it out. I hope this last botox shot will last until I can get some insurance. I might ought to put a $1000 aside just in case it doesn't.

I found a place to fix my motorcycle. They came and picked it up yesterday. The initial quote was almost $600 but when he looked at it it was just the radiator overflow tank instead of the actual radiater that was damaged so it should be quite a bit less. I told him to tune it up for this altitude while he had it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

We are in our house and have most of the stuff put away. We stored a lot of it in the garage because there just wasn't room for it all in the house. It is a nice house, it is older and has been re-done. The outside and the yard need a bit of work but I don't mind doing stuff like that. We are in Fillmore. It is an agricultural area. We have a lemon tree and an avocado tree in our back yard. I love being able to make fresh lemonade. There are numerous fruit and produce stands just a few miles down the road from us. The weather has been amazingly warm. I have been in shorts and bare feet and we sleep with the windows open at night.

We got the truck loaded and unloaded OK. The only mishap was unloading my motorcycle. It high centered on the truck before coming down the ramp and I think I tore the bottom out of my radiator tank. I tore the bottom out of some tank. I hope I can get it fixed in the next couple of weeks. This is perfect motorcycle weather

My animals seem to be adjusting well. Sammy has plucked some feathers but I have seen him with less. He seems to want to spend more time with me than he did before. It has been a long time since he wanted to come sit with me. I am really proud of Murphy. He has been such a good cat. I love that boy, he always brings me comfort.

I interviewed at 2 different locations for LA County Sheriffs office. Both places talked like I would be among the top candidates. I also went to an open house for applicants at Simi Valley. That is where I would really like to work. It will probably be 3 months before they make a decision though. If I am out of work for that long I will be stir crazy.

I think it is more of an adustment for us to make a life together than either of us thought it would be. I think probably about 5 days is the most we have ever spent together at a time. I get homesick, I always have ever since I was a kid. Sometimes I long for something familiar. It's hard to realize that my family is now almost 10 hours away instead of just over 2. I sometimes wonder if I am just not spouse or partner material. Maybe I am only good as a friend. I will probably end up being some crazy old lady with a houseful of birds and cats and will make news of the weird and strange on the internet.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I have most of my things that can be packed packed. Some of it will just have to be loaded. I will pick the truck up in a couple of hours and get a few hours packing in this afternoon. I hope to get enough done that Lisa and I will be able to finish it after we get in from Phoenix on Saturday, that way we can head out early on Sunday. Unload the truck and load up her apartment on Monday.

I think this is still a bit surreal to me. I went for a walk around the golf course this morning, watch the sun on the vermillion cliffs, looked at the canyon carved by the Colorado River. I love this area. I don't think I am able to get my mind around the fact that this morning is the last time I will be able to see those things for awhile.

We had kind of a scare with my Mom this last week. She went into the hospital with a rapid heart rate. They couldn't get it stablilzed so they had to put her our and shock her heart to get it back into rhythm. She went to see the heart Dr yesterday and he said she is OK but if this happens again they will have to take her in and do something with the electrical impulses to her heart. I worry so much about her and not being able to be close by if she needs me. I'm glad Janett, Barb and Lewis are all right there.

A couple of days ago I got a call from another dispatch center in LA County for a job interview. I have one in La Crescenta on Jan 15 and one in Santa Clarita the next day. The next week I am testing for a Corrections Officer position with Ventura County. I have some good possibilities lined up now I will just pray that something will come through.