Saturday, September 21, 2013

No one will tell me so I am telling myself. I just did good on a call. A 10 y/o boy called crying hysterically, all I could understand was that his mom and dad were fighting and he didn't know his address. He went outside to look for it and hung up on me. He was calling from a cell phone so I had no way to trace the call. I called back and got no answer. I advised my watch deputy of the situation and she said we really couldn't do anything. I called back and he answered this time. He could tell me what street he lived on but not the house number. I got him to give me the license plate on the car out front, ran it and got an address. Minutes can seem like hours when I am on the phone with a call like that. He told me his dads name and asked if I knew him because he had a criminal record. He said last time his dad did this he knocked out his sisters teeth and the time before that he gave his mom a black eye. He was so scared. I stayed on the phone with him until we got units there. I did good.