Monday, July 27, 2009

It's hard to believe July is almost over. Seems like time goes by way fast anymore.

We have had a pretty enjoyable summer. Lots of trips to the beach. We usually take a foil dinner with us and cook it on the grill before we come home. We have a small portable grill that is just right for 4 foil dinners. We took the kids to Hatch for the July 4 weekend. They didn't want to go very badly but had a good time once we got there. Cameron and Jaden were there and they all played all day every day. We went on lots of walks, spent time playing at the park. We went up one day and looked for fossil snails and took a lunch with us. We went fishing one night and cooked hot dogs. Both of the kids caught a fish. I decided it was a waste to buy a license for me and Lisa since neither of us got to fish. Everyone was really good to us. We did all of the activities on July 4, breakfast in the park, kids races and games, potluck dinner that night and then fireworks. The one mistake we made was to come back on July 5. The traffic out of Vegas was horrible. It took us about 3 hours longer to get home than it should have.

Lisa and I went back this last weekend for the July 24 celebration. I enjoyed it immensely. We teamed up for the horse shoe tournament. We did pretty good before we got beat out. I just enjoy being with my family and it was nice for me to be there with just Lisa.

In June we went to Las Vegas to my nephews wedding. All of my brothers and sisters were there except for Lewis and he couldn't get off of work. It was nice to see Laraine, I don't get to see her often enough. We took Jamie and Jared with us. I think it is the first time either of them have been out of the state and definitely the longest trip they had been on. It was just an overnight thing but it was a chance to spend time with family.

I think I will probably go to work next month. I have my medical exam on August 6. I signed the conditional job offer a couple of weeks ago. I finally got tired of waiting and started making phone calls. I guess my file was just sitting on someones desk - anyway, I got the ball rolling again. It is time for me to go back to work.