Friday, January 13, 2012

 I have been off today and haven't done much of anything except my exercise, I am still in in exercise shorts and haven't even brushed my teeth, well, I did just water all my plants.  Both my Thanksgiving and Christmas cactus were loaded with blossoms this year and my geraniums bloom year round here.  I have seen poinsettias planted in someone yards that are taller than I am.  The weather here has been kind of freakishly warm, a couple of days we were close to 90.  That somehow seems wrong for January.  I have windows open on both ends of the house right now and there is a nice breeze blowing through.  We have even slept with the windows open a few nights.  Ken and Elaine are coming to visit for a few days the first weekend in February.  I hope some of this nice weather is around then.  They are flying in on Fri morning and back out on Mon afternoon.  It will be good to see them.

I am going to make an appointment next week for Murphy to have his teeth cleaned.  I think maybe he is having a hard time eating the dry cat food so we have increased his soft food by quite a bit.  They have to put him under to do it and that kind of scares me but I know he needs it done.  I suppose it would be like me not brushing my teeth for 11 years instead of just one morning.

We are trying to eat more healthy foods,  more whole grains, less sugars and starches.  I have started eating honey on my cereal in the mornings instead of sugar - I was kind of surprised at how good that is.  We needed more honey so we decided to make a trip to a honey farm that is just outside of town.  It was a very neat little place.  I think I tested at least 10 different kinds of honey and was surprised at how much difference there is to the taste of each kind, for this trip we settled on the orange blossom, the eucalyptus was pretty tasty and, or course, the clover.  What I really liked though is that they have this thing on the wall like a deep picture frame and it is a working bee hive.  There is a tunnel at the bottom that leads to the outside so the bees can come and go.  I think I could have watched that thing for hours.

I might have to go to court on February 7th on a shooting that happened here about 18 months ago, the same thing I had to go to LA for deposition on a few months ago.  I really hope they will settle outside of court or decide they don't need my testimony because I really, really don't want to go on the witness stand.  Things are going ok at work, they won't make a decision on the position I applied for in the pawn detail until March but I am pretty sure they had someone in mind when they posted the job.  There is another position open in the CPU (crime prevention unit) as kind of a community liaison but I am not interested in doing that.  I want something that will make my mind work and let me analyze and figure things out.  I really don't do all that well relating to people.  My favorite watch deputy retired the middle of last month.  She is just a couple years older than I am and also an animal lover, I miss working with her.  I am not sure who they are going to fill the spot with, no one seems to want it.  I wish they would hurry up and do it though so we can get them trained right :).

This menopause stuff is about to wear me out.  Too many ups and downs, sweating hot one minute then cold the next, mood swings, more depression than I am used to, no energy or motivation some days, it all makes me very tired.  I have an appointment with the Dr in a a week or so for a general check up.  I guess I need to start doing stuff like that more regularly.  It is hard to believe that come March I will have 2 sisters in their 60's.