Thursday, March 18, 2010

We are moved in to the new place but far from organized. It seems like there is so much to do. I can think it out in my mind but when I get time to do it it all seems too overwhelming. I had four days off on schedule change and I probably should've stayed home and got things sorted but instead I made a trip to UT and AZ to see family and friends. My parents are of an age where I feel like I need to take every opportunity I can to see them and I always enjoy being with them. While I was there all who live there met at my brothers house for a Navajo Taco dinner and homemade lemon ice cream. It is always good to get together. I also spent a day and a half in Page visiting. I spent some time at the police station, it is always nice to see those guys. I really miss them. I have a friend there who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer so I spent some time with her. I debated about going to see her because I would rather remember her as she was but I knew I needed to see her. She wouldn't say much about her diagnosis or treatment but she didn't look too well. She only weighs about 80 lbs. It is nice to be in a place where everyone greets you with a smile and a hug and says how nice it is to see you.

I tried to get an extra day off but couldn't swing it so I left at 5:00 AM so I could be into work by 3:00 PM. I got into a blizzard in AZ not far from the UT border. When I talked to Bill the next day he told me our friends were in the same storm and had run into the back end of a semi. Neither seemed to be hurt very badly but when the guy got out of the car he fell - he went to the hospital with a broken hip, broken elbow, and fractured back. When I talked to Bill on Sunday to see how he was doing he told me he had died that morning. Apparently his hip was broke in the crash and that is why he fell. He also had a fractured skull. His death affected me very deeply and I still don't know why. Maybe because it was so unexpected. It just seemd to bring death up close and personal for me.

Lisa and I joined Curves the first of the month. We decided to give it 6 months and see what the results are. Neither of us have a problem with the exercise - the circuit actually gives me a much better workout than I thought it would. We both struggle with the food plan a bit but we are doing our best to make healthier eating choices.

The last 3 nights at work the phones have rung non-stop all night. It really wears me out mentally. It is nice that the weather has been warm enough to ride my motorcycle to work. The trip home on a beautiful night is a good decompressor for me.