Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Date

I bought us tickets on the Murder Mystery Dinner train for Valentines.  Dinner was prime rib, we were both really looking forward to it.  We picked up our passes and were waiting to board the train when we realized it was set up as tables of 4, and we were likely the only gay couple signed up. I never even thought about it when I bought the tickets.  We live in a fairly conservative area and were a bit concerned about the reception we would get.  Our tablemates were a bit quiet as we sat down.  I finally introduced myself (something I almost never do) and that broke the ice a bit, the more they drank the chattier they became.  The murder mystery was set as a Love Boat theme.  The cast did an excellent job and we were really enjoying the evening when "Captain Starbucks" came to Lisa, took her hand, led her into the aisle and sang her a love song dedicated to her from me.  Everyone cheered, we blushed.  The captain came back in a bit and said he hoped he didn't embarrass me.  I told him it was all good.  He then asked me if we were married and I told him no.  He pcked up my left hand and looked at my ring and said "Get married."  So much for our concern.

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